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Small Progress February 16, 2012

Posted by watchcatkathleen in Uncategorized.

The judge did not rule until December, 2011. He ruled that I could not sue the library for defamation since in his opinion they are covered by soverign immunity. Too bad. I decided not to appeal so as to get the contract issues settled.

I made the library two offers so we both might avoid the additional hefty costs of binding arbitration, but they rejected the first one and did not even bother to respond to the second.

So we are going to go to binding arbitration which is what my contract specifies. Too bad it took us over two and a half years to get to this point. Each side gets to select one of the arbitrators and then those two pick a third. Next, each side deposes people and then the hearing is set. This is to be speedier than a trial. That remains to be seen, but it is positive progress.



1. Jessica - February 16, 2012

Good god, why don’t they see the wisdom of wrapping this up and moving on?

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